Downhill Domination E3 2003 Preshow Report

Sony and Incog are teaming up to release a downhill biking game.


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As the extreme sports train continues to pick up more and more mainstream steam, we're starting to see publishers dig a little deeper than the obvious skateboarding and other board-sports games. Sony and Incog are trying their collective hand at the sport of downhill mountain biking with a new PlayStation 2 game called Downhill Domination.

Downhill Domination appears to be attempting to do for downhill mountain biking what Electronic Arts' SSX games have done for the snowboarding genre. You'll race on 27 different tracks on nine different mountains at speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour. Combat also plays a role in Downhill Domination. You'll be able to perform punches, kicks, and hip checks right away, and you'll eventually earn the ability to lob a water bottle at the other riders. More than 30 tricks will also be present. Tricks score you points that you can use to upgrade your bike.

The developer has done its fair share of licensing, including five real riders among the game's 14 playable characters. The soundtrack will feature 16 licensed tracks in genres such as thrash, hip-hop, techno, and classic rock. There will also be 50 minutes of original interactive music. In the game's main career mode, you'll be able to upgrade your bike with licensed parts.

Aside from the career mode, the game will feature support for up to four human players in a split-screen multiplayer mode. Downhill Domination is scheduled for release in July.

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