Double Fine recounts Brutal Legend

Tim Schafer's next game to star Jack Black and a stable of rock legends will be released for Xbox 360, PS3.


Back in August, Norwegian gaming site reported on the next game from Double Fine Productions, the Tim Schafer-helmed studio responsible for the critically acclaimed and commercially ignored Psychonauts. That report was hastily taken down, but not before some key details could be gleaned and translated.

The wild-eyed psycho is probably Black.
The wild-eyed psycho is probably Black.

According to the site, the game was going to be called Brutal Legend and would star Tenacious D frontman and actor Jack Black as a rock band roadie who dies and must escape hell to reach rock heaven. At the time, Schafer said some of the rumors about the game were true, but a lot were false. The name was all but confirmed last month, when GameSpot discovered a trademark application for Brutal Legend (with a german umlaut over the U).

More details are emerging today, as Br�tal Legend is the featured story in the next issue of Game Informer, the cover of which is now posted on its Web site. The cover image proclaims it to be "a rock 'n' roll road show through the twisted mind of Tim Schafer" and also specifies that the game features Jack Black as roadie Eddie Riggs.

The magazine is also reporting that the game will feature "a stable of heavy metal legends" in addition to Black and is being developed for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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