Double Fine Explains How Trenched Became Iron Brigade; Why a Bear Might Travel to Mars

One of those things is easier to explain than the other. Hint: It's the one about a bear.


Double Fine recently held an event at its San Francisco office to show off some new downloadable content for Iron Brigade--a game you might know better as Trenched. Why the name change? You can thank international copyright law for it. Double Fine ran into some issues with a Portuguese board game maker that owns the rights to a product called Trench, which led to some problems getting the game released in Europe. To make a long story short, Trenched has been renamed Iron Brigade in all territories, with a free Survival mode update being released as a nice little gift to anyone who might be horribly, horribly confused by this whole ordeal.

But that free title update isn't the only piece of new content coming to Iron Brigade. Double Fine is also releasing a new DLC pack featuring four new missions and a boss fight. The setup is that Vlad, the original game's villain, has been defeated but not before he transferred his consciousness into his pet bear, Boris. Because why not? This leaves Vlad-Boris the man-bear on the run, so he escapes to the safest place he can think of to regroup and rebuild his defenses: Mars. We've got a full interview with the project director Brad Muir that goes into much more detail, so have a look right here:

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Keep an eye out for more coverage of Iron Brigade's Rise of the Martian Bear DLC, and head right here to read our review of the original game.

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Hope its called trenched still for NA. Europe is garbage who cares what they want.

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Trench and Trenched are far more easily confused that Scrolls and Elder Scrolls, but the wierd thing is that people will be more confused abou the name change (going from Trenched to Iron Brigade) than about the two products that almost share the same name. Copyright laws are weird, copy that!

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Ugh... still no release date for Europe? This is ridiculous...

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bring this game to PC please...

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I really hoped for some DLC with this. The game was fun, but way too short.

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I always want double fine to do well.

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Name change is weird. New content is awesome. I love this game. @Jaxith And it isn't even called Trenched. It is called Trench. I hope it's at least similar in terms of concept. Otherwise it's pretty stupid. Almost Bethesda/Mojang stupid.

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Copyright law is really ridiculous... If you're a board game maker, you own the rights to the board game titled 'Trenched'... Not to the word itself. Why is that difficult for people to understand?

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Double Fine should have dug in about the matter of its game's original name. (No pun intended.)

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This one makes sense, as opposed to the "Scrolls"/"The Elder Scrolls" flap. I could see Trench fans mistakenly thinking that Trenched was a related product- until they read the description.

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Especially as the two games are nothing alike, and there's no effort to confuse one with the other... as I said elsewhere, this is as silly as the WWF lawsuit (which should have been laughted out of court - though to his credit Vince McMahon had some fun with the outcome). I mean, it's not like a certain airline and a certain part of the UK military have issues over happening to share an acronym, do they?

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We europeans had to wait because some nobody company had the Trench name and where considering to release a videogame...maybe. Sometimes I really get sick of all the patent and name lawsuit bullcrap.