Double Fine Adventure sets Kickstarter record

Tim Schafer and co.'s classic point-and-click adventure achieves $400,000 goal in eight hours; current funding stands at more than $740,000.


Double Fine's maiden venture with crowd-sourced fundraiser Kickstarter has been met with nothing less than unmitigated success. In a post to its Twitter feed today, Kickstarter confirmed that Double Fine Adventure has set a record for most funds raised and most number of backers in 24 hours.

Consider Double Fine Adventure funded.
Consider Double Fine Adventure funded.

Just how well is the game doing? According to an update on the Kickstarter page for the game, Double Fine hit its goal of $400,000 within eight hours. As of press time, the game has raised more than $740,000, thanks to more than 18,400 backers. Funding will close at 8 p.m. EDT on March 13.

The update also noted that funds raised in excess of the $400,000 mark will be channeled into improving the quality of Double Fine Adventure and 2 Player Productions' documentary chronicling its development. Additional funds also equate to a wider release in more languages and on more platforms, as well as more music and voice acting and an original soundtrack.

Double Fine Adventure is set to be an old-school point-and-click PC adventure game, much like the kind Double Fine founder Tim Schafer and designer Ron Gilbert made in their days at LucasArts. Gilbert made his name with titles like The Secret of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion, while Schafer left his own mark with Maniac Mansion 2: Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango.

All backers who contribute $15 or more will get access to the serialized documentary, as well as early access to a PC beta and a copy of the finished game (both through Steam). Signed posters, original art, and lunch with Schafer and Gilbert are among the perks backers can get at higher tiers. However, a number of these premium-tier contributor perks are sold out.

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@mrvicamrvic Considering people are paying for the PnC adventure, and not brutal legends, I would say they would get a lot negative press if they used the money for something other then intended to. Perfect example of this is Wasteland2 when they were getting up there in money like DF kickstarter they started to talk about "extra" stuff to use the money for, and had a huge backlash within hours which made the developers retract that statement.

This money is not for Brutal legends it is for what they presented to us.

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Oh and the funding is up to $1,800.000. More then 4x's what they needed. There's no doubt this will hit $2 million before the 27days are up. [url]<< LINK REMOVED >>[/url]

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@kuda001 This cuts out all the BS from publishers/investors and I think Double Fine as a result will create a better game to justify people's faith in them. Gamers supporting developers directly makes sense but I think it can only work in the indie scene, AAA titles are a different story altogether. ******************************************************************* I completely agree with you 100%. DF most likely already has the backing of Steam. They will just need to speak to Microsoft and Sony to get the game on XBox Live and PSN. That shouldn't be a problems since games like Monkey Island 1 & 2 are already on there. I'm hoping they put a HD version of Grim Frandango on XBL and PSN as well. I'd buy it. Even Maniac Mansion 1 & 2 would be perfect on those platforms. I crossing my finger that they do this for Psychonauts 2 as well. I just found this news about Psychonauts 2. Anyone aware of this? [url]<< LINK REMOVED >>[/url] [url

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I'm feeling a strange happiness that I haven't felt since the last time I finished Grim Fandango

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I hope with this that some other companies take notice, even if they already have publishers. I think Volition should make Freespace 3 by doing something like this. Considering the huge mod support even going on today for it, it should be done and can be paid for. Something like this can do the world a whole lot of good and show what people actually want.

Avatar image for kuda001

This cuts out all the BS from publishers/investors and I think Double Fine as a result will create a better game to justify people's faith in them. Gamers supporting developers directly makes sense but I think it can only work in the indie scene, AAA titles are a different story altogether.

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@AcidSoldner As you yourself acknowledged, Double Fine Adventure is set to be a PC game. It's certainly likely that console-only gamers also contributed, maybe significantly, especially after Double Fine announced porting efforts with additional funds. However, I see no reason to doubt that the initial contribution came predominantly from people who play at least some PC games. I do not believe there are a great number of people, PC gamer or not, who would contribute to a game that they would not be able to play. Besides, why do you think this game was announced primarily, or at least initially, for the PC? Why didn't DF launch such an effort for a console game? As you said, most of their recent games are console-only.

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A big middle finger to all the publishers that turned them down xD haha, owned... Start funding original projects or you'll have no business, people will eventually stop buying the churned out rubbish.

Avatar image for andreperezpalha

I would love to play it at my android.

Avatar image for snxx

Point'n'click adventure games for the win!!

Avatar image for mutley89

What a total shock, people do want a varied and interesting gaming landscape afterall. Why they killed off point and click in the first place I will never know, it's one of the best gaming interfaces of all time.

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wow i was way off and i have never been so happy kudos to you double fine that is awesome news

Avatar image for evilweav

proves that the long-forgotten adventure genre is alive and well in the hearts of core gamers everywhere.

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I think they have enough to port it to the Mac, PS3 and XBox 360 now. Please let us know how much you'll need to start working on Psychonauts 2. Yes, they may want to do another Kickstarter project for that game in the near future. Current donated amount: $1,283,979 Can we make $1,500,000?

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Vox populi, vox Dei, the voice of the people is the voice of God. And God in this capitalist world equals money, which means that a lot people have faith in this project and are sending their prayers/cash so that His game shall be done.

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It amazes me they can do this for that game but not psychonauts.

Avatar image for warhawk-geeby

8 hours is actually mental, an considering that's only 18,400 backers they've all chipped in a fair deal by the looks of it. What a happy story!

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This already is my most expected game of the year, even if we dont know anything about it. An adventure game made buy Ron and Schafer, never thought it would happen again.

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@Unfallen_Satan You honestly think this is just the work of PC gamers? You closed minded hermit, in the last three years only 1 of Double Fine's 6 games have made it over to the PC (Costume Quest). The rest are console exclusive. Schafer himself stated that the original goal was only to fund a PC version, any addition funds would go in helping to port it to every possible platform. This is an effort from all gamers, not just PC gamers.

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This makes me really happy. A direct way to contribute to a game that people want to be made. Not BS like buy Ghost Recon if you want to see Beyond Good and Evil 2 from Ubisoft. Pricks.

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It's rare, but we PC gamers look out for devs whom we feel embody the spirit of "by gamers, for gamers." It's a conscious choice born from the freedom of PC gaming, no doubt a big thorn in the side of big publishers. Hopefully we can reverse some of the apathy that led to the demise of first generation independent PC game devs. I have never been so proud as a PC gamer.

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Does anyone know what that adventure font is, by any chance?

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Wow. just wow.

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By the time this fundraiser is done, they'll have enough cash to make multiple games!

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Please cover this on the Hotspot :)

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in for $30 on payday or tax refund, whichever is first. I want me soundtrack!

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now it has over $1,000,000

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Can someone start a fundraising game for Psychonauts 2? Psychonauts was easily one of the top 5 games of the Xbox/PS2/Gamecube generation. I guess I'm dreaming when wishing for a sequel.

Avatar image for theKSMM

It's a shame that traditional publishers won't support a couple of industry legends, but it's great news to know that the fans will.

Avatar image for darkcomedian

I will be buying this game.

Avatar image for XanderZane

I'm going to give them $30 myself. They are over $1,000,000 now. [url]<< LINK REMOVED >>[/url] I'm really hoping they make a couple million so they can work on Psychonauts 2. There are still 32 days left to contribute if you wish.

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Wow this has raised $1million much faster than Colbert's superpac did

Avatar image for Pyrosa


Avatar image for Pawfalcon

Put me down for $20, gotta support the better developers.

Avatar image for om3g4_prim3

God Schafer is becoming even MORE of a legend. it is things like this that excite and stoke the fires of what a gaming community is. It also displays how amazing gaming fans are as a whole. I cannot give enough love to the entirety of this.

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More than $740,000 in less than 8 hours, can you imagine how much they just lost in used sales and pirating? People just aren't willing to spend money on video games anymore. /endsarcasm

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Awesome story. Psychonauts and Costume Quest are both great games, and I would love to see a sequel. The fact that this current project has so quickly gotten support is a testament to the studio and creator's portfolio. It's crazy that Activision can make a billion dollars in profit, yet Double Fine has to resort to fundraising to make their games. Luckily the community has spoken.

Avatar image for kami_amaya

Over $1m now, awesome. Definitely going to back this even though I'm not a fan of Steam. Here's hoping for a PSN release. :) It'd be great to see other devs try this too.

Avatar image for HollowNinja

I think I'll go back this right now.

Avatar image for Dimebag_Darrell

All extra funds over the expenses for this game should go to Psychonauts 2 >_>

Avatar image for hemoleech

Lol it's gonna be Lord of the Rings credits all over again.

Avatar image for Spahettificator

@kkxtrouble Yeah I went and had a look at them. Their whole website is hilarious. I'm waiting until they get a job opening for a Bunny. Got my resume all ready to go :) Also, almost a million dollars now.

Avatar image for FlamingFury

@Spahettificator That was Notch lol

Avatar image for AcidSoldner

That's freaking awesome. Can't wait to see how this turns out.

Avatar image for shahroz47

@dabulls23 I didn't know pledging $100 means special thanks in the game credits until I read your comment. Now I have pledged $100 myself so those credits better NOT be skipable. LOL

Avatar image for CMakaCreative

I couldn't help myself and contributed to the cause. I'm always down to help.....dammit. I won't be able to play the game but at least I'll be able to see how the game got made. That's worth more than the $15 bucks I put down.

Avatar image for CMakaCreative

This thing still has a month left & it's already doubled what they wanted. That's crazy. Wish I could be that successful if I did my own kickstarter campaign for my music projects. By the time this thing is over, they could be sitting on a couple of millions. They better put that money to good use. With this success, I wonder what other gaming company will do this. If I had a better computer to play games on, I'd donate for one of the perks.

Avatar image for bobbya1234

Despite there having been thousands upon thousands of games released since, Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle are two games I return to again and again. A new Schafer point-and-click is VERY welcome.

Avatar image for kkxtrouble

@Spahettificator If you take a look at DFs website they have prizes up to 150k. The last one is a box of day of the tentacle still closed.

Avatar image for tidusjeff

Played it on gametap ages ago for free on the free account, where some games stayed free for a few weeks. I thought it was kind of underwhelming but I'll try it this game.

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