Double Aught Viewing Duality

Marathon Infinity maker releases more shots of its first action title.

Double Aught Software, best known as the developer of Marathon Infinity for Bungie's Marathon series on the Mac OS, has released seven new shots of its upcoming first-person title, Duality. Don't worry, the new title will also be PC compatible.

The company's first action title boasts use of a portal-based engine that supports 16- and 32-bit color, 3D audio, 16-bit colored light maps, translucency, clip-mapping, dynamic lighting, dynamic texture maps, and support for Open GL. As you can tell by the screenshots, the company is working at making the environment as rich as possible.

Duality hopes to jump ahead of its first-person-shooter cousins by focusing on storyline to drive the game's action. As the game gets closer to completion, we'll bring you more on this great looking title.

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