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Dota 2 Spring Cleaning update tweaks heroes and items, squashes bugs

Expect Dota 2 to play a bit differently when you boot it up this weekend.

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Valve has announced that it will launch the Spring Cleaning update for Dota 2 this week, eschewing headline-grabbing new features, incredible new heroes, and other big, bold, and fancy updates to bring players an exhaustive list of nips, tucks, and various balance changes.

There's a few big character changes. My favourite character in the game, Lich, can now target buildings with his Frost Armor ability. Amazing. Sven has received a hefty increase to his base damage, too, and Bounty Hunter's Track has an increased range, making it even easier to use and inevitably even more frustrating when your random teammate absolutely refuses to do it.

All these changes are arriving as part of update 6.81, along with a bunch of interface updates and another handful of new treasures. The courier now respawns quicker, too, and Roshan has been given another point of armour.

You can read the full changelist over on Valve's site. I advise making a cup of tea, getting comfy, and grabbing a couple of biscuits before you do, though.

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