Dota 2 Replaces Battle Pass With Subscription-Based Dota Plus

Steam's most popular MOBA now has a subscription service.


Valve has announced a major revamp of Dota 2's Battle Passes. In the past, these have taken the form of limited-time compendiums that centered around major Dota 2 esports tournaments, including The International and Majors. However, Battle Passes for Majors are now being replaced with what Valve describes as an "ongoing, uninterrupted service" called Dota Plus.

Dota Plus is a subscription service that features a variety of perks, some of which stem from what you'd expect to see in a Battle Pass. Each character now gains XP and can level up across games, granting Reward Shards and responses for use with the new Hero Chat Wheel. Additionally, characters get their own challenges that are designed for that specific hero and their mechanics; challenges feature different tiers of difficulty and reward XP based on what you complete. And characters also get Relic slots; these allow various stats to be tracked and display on the post-game screen.

The service also grants access to the Plus Assistant, a tool that provides various helpful information as you play based on "data gathered from millions of recent games at each skill bracket, ensuring your builds stay current in the ever-evolving meta." This includes suggestions for your pick during a draft or what item or ability to choose during a match.

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Furthermore, Dota Plus grants a new weekly reward of 1,000 shards for winning three games. Those shards can then in turn be spent on, among other things, new items that are only available for Plus subscribers. Finally, Valve is bringing back the weekend Battle Cup tournaments, which Plus members will receive free access to. Non-subscribers will have to buy tickets for $1.

Despite having only just been announced, Dota Plus is already available. It's priced at $4 per month, with some small discounts available if you lock in a subscription for six or 12 months.

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