Dota 2 getting Terrorblade in New Bloom Festival update

Balance updates also affect 80-odd heroes. Has your favourite cheeky strategy been nerfed?


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The latest Dota 2 hero to be introduced to the game will be Terrorblade, who will arrive as part of the New Bloom Festival update.

The melee hero's first two abilities allow him to conjure up a double of any foe, or an illusion of himself, and can also transform into a form with a ranged attack and a damage bonus. Terrorblade's ultimate also swaps the health of the hero with any allied or enemy opponent, which could provide all sorts of life-saving or dastardly opportunities in busy team fights.

Elsewhere in the New Bloom Festival update, Valve will introduce the Random Ability Draft mode for players who are level 11 or higher. In this chaotic game type, each player is assigned a random hero, and then the abilities of each hero are placed into a pool, with players taking it in turn to pick what abilities they will assign to their characters.

With the event designed to commemorate the Chinese New Year, Valve will also introduce a suite of new items and recipes into the online game.

The update will also introduce 6.80 update to Dota 2, which sees dozens of balance changes to heroes, items, and gameplay. The full list can be read on the Dota 2 site, including a gold penalty for not selecting your hero in all-pick by the end of the countdown, a completely reworked silence ability for Drow Ranger (thank the lord), and the removal of any mana cost to the Blink Dagger.

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