Dota 2 gets The Stanley Parable announcer pack

Sardonic meta-commentary available for purchase in Dota 2.


The Stanley Parable
Dota 2
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The dry humour of the narrator in The Stanley Parable is now available to players to purchase as an announcer pack for Valve's Dota 2.

The pack features the voice of Kevan Brighting, who plays the narrator in The Stanley Parable. The pack has an attached price of $10 but is currently discounted by 10% for a limited time. In addition, The Stanley Parable will be 50% off on Steam for the duration of the weekend.

The Stanley Parable was released last year on Steam. The game was originally released to public in 2011 as a modification built using the Source game engine, but was later re-made and greenlit on Steam. The game was well-received in GameSpot's review, praised for its entertaining humour and abundance of meaningful choices.

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