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Dota 2 is one of the biggest names in PC gaming and eSports, but the learning curve is notoriously steep and unforgiving. Join Dota veteran Zorine as she teaches Ed the ropes from the very beginning. Learn with us! (So you can destroy us later).

Tune in for the Dota 2 Diaries live each Monday from 6pm AEST. Missed an episode? Catch-up with the archives below!

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Dota 2 is scheduled for PC and Mac release this year. The game combines action and real-time strategy elements in multiplayer matches that pit teams of player-controlled heroes against one another. The game will include integrated voice chat and computer-controlled characters that will take over for players who disconnect during play sessions, as well as a coaching system, where veteran players will have the chance to tutor newcomers.

Dota 2 Diaries: Part 1
We cover the basic mechanics of the game and the importance of last-hitting/denying.

Dota 2 Diaries: Part 2
Donkeys, runes, and our very first hero kill are just some of the exciting things that happened in episode two of the Dota 2 Diaries.

Dota 2 Diaries: Part 3
Zorine throws Ed into his first five-versus-five co-op bot match, and with a little help from their friends, attempts to teach him about what it means to work and communicate effectively in a team. How many times will he let them down?

Dota 2 Diaries: Part 4
In an effort to teach by showing, Zorine plays a match against unfair bots while answering a wealth of community questions without fully realising what she's getting herself into.

Dota 2 Diaries: Part 5
Zorine throws Ed into his first 5v5 player match with teams filled with the GameSpot community! Will he be able to win his first match?

Dota 2 Diaries: Part 6
Ed and Zorine put Drow Ranger to bed and move on to a brand new hero! New roles, new abilities, same newbie beatdown. Featuring some awesome community performances!

Dota 2 Diaries: Part 7
Time for a strength hero! Zorine springs Skeleton King on Ed and he attempts to deal with the terrible burden of being the team's tank. Can a resurrection skill help this newbie out?

Dota 2 Diaries: Part 8
As we migrate to a more US-friendly time, the GameSpot community shows us just how far we really have to go with our DOTA 2 skills.

Dota 2 Diaries: Part 9
After last episode's stomping, Ed and Zorine exit the lanes and play it safe in the jungle with the hope that Lycanthrope and his canine buddies can help them bite back!

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