Dorohedoro Is Headed To US Netflix

Dorohedoro is finally headed to American Netflix. Here's what we know.


Horror anime fans, now is your time. Dorohedoro is finally coming to American Netflix after being exclusive to Japan for the past four months. The series will start streaming on May 28th.

The story of Caiman, a man cursed by a sorcerer to have the head of a lizard, suffering from complete amnesia and trying to uncover the mystery of his former life. Thankfully, he's not alone--he has his gyoza-living friend Nikaido at his side to help. Together, they prowl the strange, post-apocalyptic world of the Hole, where they hunt down sorcerers trying to find the one responsible for Caiman's current situation.

Stylish, gritty, and packed to the brim with body horror, Dorohedoro is a must-watch (and must-read, if that's more your speed--all 23 volumes of the manga are currently available in English) for people who like their shonen-style stories with a bit more edge to them. As Caiman and Nikaido's quest progresses, things only become more brutal and more surreal, complete with anatomical-heart-mask wearing thugs, giant insects, and plenty of action.

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