Doom's BFG Now Exists, and It's Really F'in Big

Bethesda worked with MyMiniFactory to produce a life-size replica of Doom's BFG.


If you've ever wondered just how big Doom's BFG is, then you're about to get your answer. Bethesda worked together with 3D-printing company MyMiniFactory to produce a life-size replica of the BFG and gave it away to a fan.

Bethesda contacted MyMiniFactory about creating the BFG and provided the company with the in-game model. Lead designer Kirby Downey spent roughly 35 hours designing and getting the BFG ready for printing. MyMiniFactory split the model into more than 70 pieces for the printing process, which took over 1000 hours--a lot of the pieces took nearly a month to print.

Head of post-processing Sarah Wade finished the BFG off by gluing it together, painting it, and making it look as close to the in-game gun as possible. The gun is a 1:1 scale to the one you can find in this year's Doom. Bethesda says it's so heavy that "it takes at least three people to carry it," even though the picture below shows a single person holding it. Check out the entire process in the video above.

If you have the equipment to handle the big freakin' project, you can download the 3D printing files here. The BFG seen in the video is now property of John Mullen, a fan who won a BFG paint job competition.

Prior to this, one YouTuber created a BFG completely out of Lego. It was based on the original Doom's version of the gun and was made out of more than 5,000 bricks. It weighs in at 20 pounds.

To get a better look at the 3D-printed BFG, check out the gallery below.

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