Doom Patrol Season 3: Take A Look At The New Trailer And Poster

DC's weirdest superhero TV show gets a time-traveling new trailer.


Doom Patrol on HBO Max may have suffered some COVID-19 complications that shortened its second season, but Season 3 is making its triumphant return to the streaming platform and it's bigger and weirder than ever before--oh yeah, and now we're throwing an amnesiac time traveler into the mix.

Michelle Gomez joins the cast as Madame Rouge, who arrives in a time machine to the Doom Patrol HQ with a critical, Earth-saving mission that she just can't seem to remember, and it's up to her to convince the Doom Patrol to help her. The show features returning stars Brendan Fraser as Robotman, Matt Bomer as Negative Man, April Bowlby as Elasti-Woman, Jovian Wade as Cyborg, and Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane. The team is led by The Chief, played by Timothy Dalton.

Take a look at the trailer right now.

The show was also given a brand new promotional poster, which you can see here.

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DC fans will recognize a handful of villains in The Brotherhood of Evil, who are getting the Doom Patrol treatment, including The Brain and Monsieur Mallah, a cybernetically enhanced brain without a body and a sentient gorilla who are in love, and Garguax, a green alien. The Brotherhood of Evil isn't the only problem, of course--the Sisterhood of Dada is a major issue, coming to replace Season 2's Brotherhood of Dada.

Doom Patrol Season 3 debuts on HBO Max on September 23.

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