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Doom Multiplayer Update Makes Weapon Balance Changes, Reduces Wait Time Between Matches

Coming up later this month will be another update that adds a photo mode and more. [


A new update for id Software's new Doom this month will add a photo mode and more, Bethesda has announced. Before that, however, Bethesda is pushing out a new update today, June 10, which will make changes to multiplayer.

The update will introduce unspecified balance changes to the Chaingun, Rocket Launcher, and Combat Shotgun. Additionally, the wait time between matches will be reduced to 60 seconds. On top of that, Clan Arena and Freeze Tag mode will now require a side to complete five rounds before a match ends.

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This update is live as of 7:30 AM PST today. It's a server-side update, which means it won't require you to download anything. In other news about Doom's multiplayer mode, development has now shifted from Certain Affinity to id Software itself. Additionally, Doom's multiplayer mode will get custom games and bots.

As for the next Doom campaign update, here are the changes coming:

    • Added Photo Mode for taking in-game screenshots
    • Added Classic Doom weapon placement/view model option (first-person view option)
    • Added new Snapmap features (including skybox windows) and AI pathing and logic fixes.
    • Fixed various bugs including players accidentally triggering Dev Mode and Trophy/Achievement bugs (IDKFA, Every Nook, and Cranny).

Bethesda went on to say that these are "just a few" of the improvements and fixes that are coming to Doom later this month. We'll report back with further details as they're announced.

In other news about Doom, the game held the No. 2 spot for US physical game sales in May 2016, behind only Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.

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