Doom Is Totally Rock 'N Roll, Dev Says



Capturing a "rock 'n' roll" vibe was the goal for id Software's upcoming shooter Doom, according to creative director Hugo Martin. He admits in a new interview that the world id Software built for Doom is over-the-top, not unlike another metal music-themed action game, Brutal Legend.

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"Rock 'n' roll was our inspiration for everything," Martin told Game Informer as part of the magazine's February cover story on the game. "There is a lot of heavy metal in our hell, and that is intentional."

He added: "When you look at the original Doom, we always said it looks like the kind of stuff a 15-year-old would draw on the back of his notebook during math class. We really wanted the world to look like that--to have a personality that would shine through in everything we did. So we have a lot of skulls; it's kind of over-the-top. A little bit of Castle Grayskull in there; it's very He-Man."

Also in the feature, Martin talked about what kind of story players can expect from the new Doom. In keeping with Doom's tradition, there won't be much of a narrative. But that doesn't mean players who want to explore the lore won't have some options to do so.

"Story isn't something big in a Doom game, and we've taken that approach," Martin explained. "It's not what people come to Doom for; they come to kill demons and blow sh** up in amazing ways. That's really been the focus for us. That said, we've definitely infused some pretty good mystery and some fun things for players who want to find it and want to dive in and explore it a little bit."

Game Informer's February issue is available now digitally.

Doom launches this spring for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. You won't have to wait that long to play it, however, as a beta will be available before launch on all three platforms.

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