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Doom Is Now Playable At A McDonald's Order Kiosk (Update)

Unfortunately, it doesn't come with fries or free refills.


Update: Looks like you won't be able to grab a Big Mac and a quick round of Doom, as the image below appears to be a case of some expert photoshop. As spotted by Futurism and Galactic Furball on Twitter, the original image is of a McDonald's kiosk that was dealing with the blue screen of death instead of demons.

Original story follows below.

In the latest example of how Doom is playable on almost any form of technology, one enterprising individual has managed to get the classic FPS running on a Mcdonald's kiosk. Whoever was responsible for loading the 1993 game onto the screen wasn't revealed, but the official Doom Twitter account noticed their work.

The only downside to the Mcdonald's edition of Doom is that you'll need owl-like neck muscles to play the game properly as the game has been flipped 90 degrees to the right. That slight inconvenience aside, Doom looks as good as you'd expect it to be on a fast food screen, especially one that displays a supersized version of the game.

Doom fans have been engaged in an arms race to see which devices they can get the game running on. One person got Doom to work on a graphing calculator powered by dozens of potatoes, a software engineer made a playable Doom GIF, and one genius modder has ported the game to a Lego brick. For a version of Doom that doesn't require a lethal amount of squinting so that you can make out what's happening on the screen, there's always the Doom Slayers Collection for Switch or several ports on modern consoles.

The last game in the series, Doom Eternal, was recently updated. The new update was the second revision for version 6.66, and added both text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities, as well as a new contrast filter.

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