Doom III demo at QuakeCon

The first open public demonstration of Doom III will come at QuakeCon, in the same Dolby Digital theater used at E3 2002.


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Id Software has confirmed that the next major showing of Doom III will come at QuakeCon 2002, which starts two weeks from today in Mesquite, Texas, near Dallas. Atmospheric 5.1 audio played a big role in the E3 2002 demo, as it will in the game, and to ensure a good listening environment on the noisy E3 show floor, id conducted the demonstration in a custom-built theater that sat approximately 20 people. The QuakeCon demo will also take place in that theater, which is pictured in the photos above.

However, the QuakeCon demo won't just be a repeat of what we saw at E3. GameSpot has learned that the QuakeCon demo will include an additional level not seen at E3. For more information, check out our previous coverage of Doom III.

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