Doom III confirmed for the Xbox

John Carmack confirms that the graphically impressive first-person shooter will come out for the Xbox and will match the visual feats of the PC version.


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Id Software had previously 2803655expressed interest in doing an Xbox version of its upcoming first-person shooter Doom III, but it hadn't confirmed that there would be a console version of the game. During his keynote address today at QuakeCon, id's John Carmack said that the Xbox is the only console platform that id is "completely committed" to releasing Doom III on. Carmack further commented that the Xbox version will have the "full graphics fidelity" of the PC version, which made a major debut at this year's E3, where it won a number of awards.

Id Software has said that work on the Xbox version won't start until the PC game is complete. At QuakeCon 2002, id expressed hope that the game would be done before next year's E3 in May. For more information, check out our previous coverage of the PC game.

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