Doom Eternal Nekravol Part 1: Mission 10 Walkthrough And Tips

The road to the end.


You're now in Doom Eternal's final set of missions! To think you've come this far alongside us on this journey. Below you can find a walkthrough of the game's tenth mission, which details how to clear the way towards the game's impending conclusion. Remain focused, and you'll be through this hell-ride in no time!

For walkthroughs of Doom Eternal's other chapters, check out our guide hub collecting what we have up so far. We'll be publishing more in subsequent days. But if you're looking for more basic Doom Eternal tips, be sure to read our guide detailing everything you should know before playing. Otherwise, you can read our Doom Eternal review.

Mission 10 Walkthrough -- Nekravol Part I

Head up the stairs and take care of the Cyber Mancubuses and Arachnotron. Dodge the fireballs to the right and follow the path around until you can climb up. Swing on the pole to grab the wall, then jump through the opening in the building. Once inside, defeat the other group of demons hanging around and continue forward to find a combat arena.

From the stairs, the first thing you'll want to do is jump to one of the broken pillars in the center of the arena. From there, you can easily reach a purple Onslaught power-up floating in the air. Use this to make short work of the Tyrant that spawns by the large double doors, then get to work on killing the rest of the enemies in this area. When you're done, step on the glowing green pressure pad and drop into the hole.

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Hit the switch, and a few enemies will swarm in. You can use the Crucible to quickly dispatch the Dread Knight, or stick with your regular arsenal in case you want to save it for another time. Once everything's dead, shoot the green symbol and quickly head through the gate that opens. The block in this next area is on a timer, so melee it, shoot the green symbol again to open the door, and then quickly clamber up the block and latch onto the climbable wall above it. Hop in the cage, and you'll be transported to the next area.

From here, you'll want to jump between platforms to avoid standing in the lava. A few Pain Elemental's will show up to try to stop you, but focus your fire on the four Eyes of Kalibas that open up to destroy them. Getting rid of all four will disable the shield around Kalibas, so hop on its platform and melee it to open the path forward.

You'll notice a floating green symbol on your left. Shooting this--and the others like it--will activate spike traps that drop from the ceiling. You can use this one to wipe out all of the Zombies that come stumbling through, then follow the path around to another room with one of these spike traps in the center. Make use of the trap to kill any of the enemies dimwitted enough to walk underneath it. With everything defeated, carry on moving until you come to a vast chasm. Jump and Dash across to the other side to grab onto the wall and climb up.

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There are a few enemies that need dealing with in this corridor, and a whole lot more once you either use the jump pad or head up the stairs. There's another spike trap you can utilise, and some BFG-9000 ammo if you want to use a shot to clear out a plethora of enemies at once. Eventually, an Archvile will appear, so use the Crucible if you can. If not, focus your fire to defeat it as quickly as possible and stop it summoning any more enemies. Once this area is cleared out, follow the waypoint back to the chasm and jump to the right to grab onto another wall and climb up.

Clear out the enemies waiting for you, then jump between another few climbable walls--avoiding the flames on the way--and step on one of the cages transporting humans to take a ride up. Step off on the next floor and Dash between the two alternating spike traps to reach another combat arena. There's a Buff Totem in here, so ignore the enemies and quickly make your way up the platform on the right side of the room. From here, you can jump between two other platforms to reach and destroy the Totem. With that taken care, you're free to wipe out the rest of the enemies in the room.

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There are more cages transporting humans upwards in this area, so step on the right-sided one and use this to reach the climbable wall. From here, you can jump past the illuminated green light and reach the other side where there's a switch to press. Now head past the spike traps on the other side of the room and take out the Marauder waiting for you here. When it's dead, you can hit the other switch to open the double doors back in the main room.

Follow the path through, and you'll enter a combat arena. You can use the BFG-9000 to clear out most of the enemies in this room, but there are also a couple of Doom Hunters you'll need to take out. Once everything's dead, use the poles or jump pad in the middle of the room to reach the illuminated green platform. From here, jump to the left, avoid the spike traps and fire, then climb up until you can melee the statue. Hop into the hole it created to finish the level.

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