Doom Eternal Mission 2 Walkthrough -- Exultia

Here's a step-by-step walklthrough guiding you through the second mission of Doom Eternal.


The second mission of Doom Eternal sees you starting to get some of your foundational abilities, while pitting you up against enemies for the first time that you'll be fighting throughout the game. Below you can find a walkthrough detailing every step. For more walkthroughs of Doom Eternal's later chapters, check out our guide hub collecting what we have up so far. We'll be publishing more in subsequent days. But if you're looking for more basic Doom Eternal tips, read our guide detailing everything you should know before playing. Otherwise, you can check out our Doom Eternal review.

Mission 2 Walkthrough -- Exultia

Make use of your wall climbing ability to make it across the broken bridge, then shoot the red barrels to make quick work of the Zombies lurking in the next room. After swinging on a pole to reach the next platform, punch through the wall and take a right to find your first combat encounter in mission two.

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This will be your first encounter with Doom Eternal's Gargoyles. They're very similar to Imps except they can fly, so strafe to avoid their projectiles and use the Heavy Cannon to shoot them out of the sky. Eventually a Cacodemon will show up, but a grenade in the mouth will dispatch it fairly quickly. After defeating all of the enemies in this area, the doors will open up revealing a rampaging Hell Knight. These hulking beasts hit hard but have a one-track mind. They'll simply charge at you and occasionally throw in a jumping slam attack. The key is to keep moving backwards while pumping them full of lead, jumping out of the way of their slam attack if they ever get too close.

Once the Hell Knight is taken care of, head inside the door and pick up your new ability: Blood Punch. Head down into the circular room, making sure to avoid the electrical charges, and utilise Blood Punch whenever enemy's are bundled together. Grab the weapon upgrade and drop into the next circular room.

There are a few Soldiers and Zombies in here, but you're also faced with another Hell Knight. The simplest way to take it out is by sticking to the outer circle of the room so you don't have to worry about getting hit by the cannon fire. Stay in this circle and keep running backwards while shooting the Hell Knight to finish it off, then take care of the stragglers.

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Make your way through the next door and across the bridge, where you'll find another combat arena. Try and stick to the platform on the outer edge of the room to give yourself some cover and make it more difficult for enemies to get a clear shot. After taking out the Cacodemon, an Arachnotron will appear, so get your distance and use the Heavy Cannon to destroy its turret and leave it vulnerable.

Head inside the next room and, once you're outside, you'll discover three different paths. Two of them are inaccessible right now, so follow the waypoint and climb up to the ledge. Go right, following behind the moving platforms, until you come to a block you can punch. Climb up here and ride the platforms to destroy each of the chains. Drop down and pick up another new ability: Dash. Move through the open door and use your new ability to dash across the gap and reach the other side. Climb up and head through the open door. When the cutscene ends, use Dash again to reach the other side of the chasm.

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The floor in the center of this next room is electrified, so you'll want to stay on the platforms on the outer edge of the room to avoid taking damage. There's not a lot of room to back up here, so use your weapon's secondary fire modes to deal extra damage to the Hell Knight, and focus on jumping on top of each platform to stay out of its way.

With this room cleared, follow the waypoint through the correct door and you'll find yourself back in the area with the two previously inaccessible paths. If you head to the right, you can use your Dash and double jump to reach the structure on the other side where a Secret Encounter is waiting. This is optional, but once you're done head back to the centre and follow the waypoint to hop into a teleporter.

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In this new area you'll immediately find the Plasma Rifle and have your first encounter with a Revenant. Use your newly equipped weapon to focus fire on the Revenant's shoulder cannons, removing its long-range threat and forcing it to be a melee combatant. Keep your distance and it will have a difficult time getting near you. Clear out the rest of the enemies, making sure to make full use of your arsenal. Using Dash while on the ground gives you a quick way to avoid enemy fire and extends the range of your strafe. Hone in on Glory Kills as well in order to charge up the Blood Punch and deal extra damage to groups or some of the tougher enemies.

With this area cleared, you'll want to drop down and enter the teeth-bearing cave to the right of the waypoint. Keep your shotgun handy in here to get the Tentacles that emerge out of the purple goo. You'll eventually be able to use the wall climb to reach the upper areas of the cave. There's another Mod Bot you can grab before picking up the Sentinel Power Core and inserting it into the mech outside.

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Make your way through the next door and use a mixture of double jumps and dashes to navigate through the next area. Head up the stairs and stand on each of the glowing green pentagram symbols to open up the next door. Drop down into the combat arena below and prepare to be bombarded by multiple enemies. The Plama Rifle will make quick work of fodder enemies such as Imps, Gargoyles, Soldiers, and Zombies. Focus on the weak points of the tougher enemies to limit their impact, and never stop moving around the environment to make yourself difficult to hit. If you ever find yourself low on health or ammunition, try to give yourself some breathing room and then find the aforementioned fodder enemies to either Glory Kill or Chainsaw.

Part of Doom Eternal's combat puzzle is finding what works for you. So experiment with different weapon mods to discover which ones you enjoy using and find most effective.

Once you've defeated all the enemies, head through the open door and take out the Arachnotron waiting for you. Head up the stairs and use the Dash Refill to extend your Dash and reach the wall on the other side. Head through the next area, up the stairs, and follow the waypoint to the giant spear. Make your way down to the bottom and insert the Sentinel Power Core to open up the way forward.

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Equip your Combat Shotgun again when wading through the purple goo to easily take out the Tentacles. The purple goo continues into the next combat arena, and since it slows down your movement, you'll want to avoid the fiery obstacles and make your way to the left hand side to get onto dry land. Finish off the enemies in here and then climb up to the exit.

Wade through more of the purple goo, taking out an Arachnotron on the way, and then melee the block to create a way to reach the overhanging pole. Swing over to the other side and then make your way around until you can insert another Sentinel Power Core. With the way ahead opened up, use the Dash Refill and your double jump to reach the next area and make your way through the cave.

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Drop down to the lava-filled area below and quickly jump between the collapsing platforms until you reach a jump pad. From this new platform, hop over to the nearby wall and climb up before the two spawning Cacodemons can reach you. Fighting them on this platform is much easier, so target their weak point and blast away. Follow the waypoint into the next room and use your wall climb to navigate through this area.

From here, jump down to the platforms below and enter the next room to activate a cutscene. Once this is over, climb the stairs to exit the room.

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At this point there are more collapsible platforms sitting above lava, so use your double jump and Dash to quickly hop between each one as you gradually climb higher. Swing across the poles and you'll drop into another combat arena. There are a lot of enemies in a small space here, so just keep on the move and make use of higher platforms to avoid getting surrounded. Use the fodder enemies to replenish health, armor, and ammo, while focusing on the tougher enemy's weak points. With all of them dead, you can head through a teleporter to end the mission.

Fortress of Doom

Again, you just need to follow the instructions to get your hands on the Ice Bomb. This part of the game also introduces you to the Fortress of Doom's Demon Prison, which is essentially a training area where you can fight Demons without dying or permanently losing inventory items. This is a good place to experiment and practise with different weapons and abilities.

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