Doom Eternal Horde Mode Coming Next Week In 6.66 Update

Just in time for Halloween, Doom Eternal will be updated with a new Horde mode and more.


Doom Eternal will be updated next week to include a new horde mode, among other things. Update 6.66 arrives October 26, and it is the game's biggest free update so far.

In addition to the horde mode, the update adds Battlemode 2.0 featuring a new arena, as well as two additional Master Levels.

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Similar to other games, it appears Doom Eternal's horde mode will seemingly challenge players to survive as long as they can as they fight against waves of increasingly difficult enemies. Doom Eternal is known for its excellent shooting mechanics and gameplay systems, and for how good the game simply feels, so the horde mode seemingly has a lot of potential, at least on paper.

In July, developer id Software canceled Doom Eternal's Invasion mode and announced that it would be replaced with a horde-style mode. Citing unforeseen consequences from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the studio shifting to a remote work environment, Id Software instead focused its efforts on the new horde mode and a rework of the multiplayer Battlemode.

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