Doom Eternal DLC's Soundtrack Composer Is A Perfect Fit

The new composer for Doom Eternal worked on numerous games inspired by Doom.


Doom Eternal has changed composers for its upcoming DLC, The Ancient Gods Part One, after parting ways with Mick Gordon. The new composer is Andrew Hulshult, who has a lot of experience with Doom-inspired games. He seems to be a natural fit for the role.

Hulshult, who announced his involvement in the tweet below, is working on the soundtrack with iD Software's David Levy. He says that he's "unbelievably happy" to be working on the game.

Hulshult's previous credits include the soundtracks for Quake Champions, Dusk, Amid Evil, and Rise of the Triad. He was also a part of the 3D Realms Anthology soundtrack project. These are all games with similar vibes to the Doom series. Quake Champions, of course, was developed by iD Software itself.

The soundtrack to Doom Eternal has been marred with controversy. Back in April, when the game's official soundtrack dropped, composer Mick Gordon distanced himself from the version released, explaining that he was not involved in mixing several of the tracks that were drawing criticism.

The Ancient Gods Part One will launch on October 20 for all currently-released versions of Doom Eternal. The game is also getting a Switch port, but a release date for that version--and its DLC--has not been announced yet.

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