Doom Eternal Composer Distances Himself From The Newly Released Soundtrack

People have noticed that the soundtrack features a bad mix, and now Mick Gordon has responded.


Doom Eternal's soundtrack did not launch alongside the game in March. It was delayed, and it only just released the week of April 20. Fans who bought the collector's edition can now listen to the music, but it's been discovered that something is not quite right with it.

Twitter user thatACDCguy outlined all the issues with the soundtrack in a Twitter thread. But the long and short of it is that the mix is not what it should be. "The instruments are all fighting each other, & thus the mix sounds very poor as a result," the user said.

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The game's composer, Mick Gordon, says on Twitter that someone else mixed the majority of the soundtrack's songs. Gordon only mixed "Meathook," "Command and Control" and others, and just a "small handful" of the more than two-dozen songs on the OST.

This is all a big shame because Gordon's heavy metal music is a defining feature of Doom Eternal. For those who want to listen to the OST at home or at the gym, they're left with a sub-par experience, and that's too bad.

The official Doom Discord channel recently posted an update in response to the Doom Eternal OST drama, telling members that it's "absolutely understandable" that people are upset about the soundtrack. However, the moderators urged people to "remain civil" and to "stay within reasonable boundaries of healthy debate."

The Doom Eternal OST will be available for everyone on digital channels and streaming services in the coming weeks. In other news, Doom Eternal's next DLC season is out now, and it includes a hipster demon.

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