Doom Co-Creator Released Another New Level 23 Years After The Game's Release

John Romero made another Doom level as a warm-up for his new FPS


John Romero created a new Doom level in January, 23 years after the game's release, and now, he's cooked up another one, which is based off of the Command Control map in the original Doom's first chapter.

Romero released the level on Twitter, saying it's the "kind of classic FPS gameplay" he's promising with his new FPS, Blackroom. In the level's readme file, it's called "a warm-up for [his] new classic FPS." The level's description read as follows:

Not Romero's level
Not Romero's level

"With the Toxin Refinery in the rearview, you make your way to Phobos Mission Control where the computers crunching the data from the Phobos Anomaly are located. You need to use them to gain access to the Phobos Lab, but remember hearing that the computers were tied into all areas of the installation and that you never knew when the environment around you would change. You need to keep your eyes alert to all movement--this place is not what it seems..."

E1M4: Command Control was originally created by Doom designer Tom Hall. Romero says, "It makes sense that if I was creating an entire E1 of just my work, this would be the level I would remake." The readme file says It took him two weeks to complete the level in his spare time.

To play the map yourself, you'll need to download it from Dropbox here. You then have to drag the .wad file to a .exe Doom file and warp to the level by typing IDCLEV14 while in the game. Romero suggests using ZDoom to play his new map.

Romero announced Blackroom yesterday. The new FPS will feature mechanics like rocket jumping, circle strafing, and shooting, but it will also put a large focus on narrative. You can read more about it right here.

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