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Doom 3 for the Xbox gets exclusive co-op mode

Vicarious Visions boss reveals two-player co-op mode is bound solely for the Xbox version of the upcoming shooter.


An interesting tidbit about Vicarious Visions' upcoming Xbox port of id Software's PC first-person shooter Doom 3 trickled onto the Web recently.

VV CEO Karthik Bala went into some detail about the two-player co-op mode by indicating it would be exclusive to the Xbox version of the game. The description of the mode, carried by GamePro, made it sound as though it would be an extension of the regular single-player game, though it was not mentioned if this mode would be available only through split-screen offline play or if it would be playable via the game's Xbox Live online multiplayer support.

Currently, Doom 3 for the Xbox is scheduled to ship shortly after the release of Doom 3 on the PC, which, as of now, is still set for a "when it's finished" release date. We'll have more on this story as it develops.

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