Doodle Jump hits 10M downloads, Kinect port coming

Lima Sky's incessantly popular mobile game scores new sales milestone on second birthday; developer announces port for Microsoft's motion-sensing add-on.


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Lima Sky's $0.99 platforming game Doodle Jump is one of the most popular paid games in Apple's App store and the Android Marketplace. Released in March 2009, the game has now sold more than 10 million units, and its developer has greater ambitions for it.

Lima Sky has announced that a Doodle Jump port for the Xbox Live Arcade is on the way. The game will be compatible with Microsoft's 10-million-selling Kinect motion-control device. Unfortunately, Lima Sky did not offer further details on the project, like when the game will be released, what it will sell for, or how the game will be played.

Doodle Jump is vaulting to the Kinect.
Doodle Jump is vaulting to the Kinect.

The mobile version of Doodle Jump is controlled by subtle tilts of a mobile device. Tilting the device alters the trajectory of main character Doodle the Doodler. With the Kinect able to fully track a person's body movements, it would seem likely that a similar control mechanic would be employed in the Kinect version.

Also included in Lima Sky’s announcement was word that a free multiplayer update is on the way for the iPhone version of Doodle Jump. Additionally, the iPad version remains in development, and a line of toys and a Doodle Jump comic book series are on the way.

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