Don't Starve Dev's Turn-based Stealth Game Launches on iPad

Invisible Inc. is now available to play on the go; DLC expansion could be released later.


Klei Entertainment's Invisible Inc. is available now on iPad. The turn-based stealth game is priced at $4.99/£3.99, weighs in at 546 MB, and features all the content included in the base version of the PC release.

In a statement to Eurogamer, Klei confirmed Invisible Inc.'s downloadable expansion, titled Contingency Plan, is not currently available but could be released in the future.

"We are looking to release [Contingency Plan] at a later date. Unfortunately the porting work to touch/tablet began before Contingency Plan was finished and it didn't make it in. It's something we're looking at adding if we can."

Watch the trailer for the iPad version of Invisible Inc. below.

In GameSpot's Invisible Inc. review, Justin Clark described it as a "fine, unique, strategic experience that has occasional frustrating glimmers of the possibly of being something more."

He continued: "Luckily, the gameplay sings, making for a game that's not as powerful as it could be, but undeniably accessible. The random levels contribute to the joy, meaning no experience is ever truly repeated, and each stage's relative brevity and array of objective types makes it rather light and breezy while still maintaining a measure of depth."

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