Don't Forget Me, A Mystery-Driven Game Like Her Story, Is Coming To PC On April 20

In Don't Forget Me, you explore the minds of other people through keyword association and deductive reasoning.


Developer The Moon Pirates has announced its debut game: Don't Forget Me. Inspired by games like Her Story and The Red Strings Club, Don't Forget Me is a mixture of puzzle game and old-school adventure game that tests your observation and deductive reasoning. It's scheduled to launch for PC and Mac on April 20.

In Don't Forget Me, you play as Fran, who's lost her memories. Taken in by Bernard, a world-renowned memory manipulation expert, Fran is tasked with helping him with his business of diving into the minds of those with memories to unearth and secrets to discover.

In the same way you solve the mystery of Her Story by scanning through a series of video clips to search for certain key phrases, Don't Forget Me has you explore the minds of people by typing in words or phrases and piecing together who these people are. Sometimes you'll need to solely rely on facts you've learned, piecing together important clues to discover the truth. Other times, you'll need to deduce implications based on your real-world experience and observe the emotional connotation of what you see or hear.

As you learn who someone is, you'll be better able to get at the information you're after. This ties into Don't Forget Me's central story: uncovering secrets that may lead to who you are and why you no longer have a memory to be explored.

Don't Forget Me is available to be added to your wishlist on Steam.

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