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Don't Forget, A Nintendo Switch Lite Pokemon Edition Is Coming

Gotta Switch 'em all.


The Nintendo Switch Lite is out now, and it's available in three colors: gray, turquoise, and yellow. If the system has only recently caught your eye, however, you may not be aware that there's a fourth option in the form of the Pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta edition. This is a tie-in with the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield, and it releases on November 8, a week before the games. If you're not desperate to get your hands on a Switch Lite as soon as possible but love the look of this version, it might be worth the wait. For more on the system, check out our Switch Lite impressions.

Nintendo is well-known for releasing not just different models of its gaming hardware, but also special, game-themed versions of those systems, often sporting unique colors and decals. In a series of announcements, the company revealed plans to release both types of new hardware variations of its Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch Lite is a new handheld-only model of the Switch, with a release date set for this September. Three different color options will be available, but those who are patient will get a fourth option in November, and it might be the best-looking one of the punch. To coincide with the release of Switch's Pokemon Sword and Shield, Nintendo will release a special edition, Pokemon-themed version of the Switch Lite.

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The "Zacian and Zamazenta Edition" is named after the two Legendary Pokemon that represent the titular Sword and Shield aspects of each game. It's a light gray tone with blue and magenta face buttons, and artwork of the two creatures gracing the back. It will release on November 8 for $200, the same price as the other Nintendo Switch Lite models. Sword and Shield are not included; you'll have to buy those games separately when they arrive on November 15. (You might actually want both versions, based on the differences we know about so far.)

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The other three Switch Lite models, in yellow, gray, and turquoise, are coming on September 20. That means if you want the Pokemon version you'll have to wait a little while. It launches just a week before Pokemon Sword and Shield, but the games will have to be purchased separately.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a new model of Nintendo Switch with a lighter body and some removed features, along with the budget price. It can't use docked mode to attach to a TV, and this model no longer has detachable Joy-Con controllers. That also means the rumble and IR camera have both been removed. It does replace the face buttons on the left side with a proper D-pad, however. It also packs in Amiibo functionality.

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