Don't Expect Witcher 4 Anytime Soon

"It deserves some rest," CD Projekt Red says about The Witcher franchise.


There will be more Witcher to play soon with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's New Game Plus mode and its substantial-sounding paid expansions. But when can fans expect The Witcher 4, or whatever comes next?

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Not anytime soon, according to CD Projekt Red.

CEO Marcin Iwinski says in the September issue of Game Informer that CD Projekt Red has not even thought about what's next for The Witcher franchise.

"Honestly speaking, we have not," Iwinski said.

CD Projekt Red previously stated that The Witcher 3 would be the last game in the series with Geralt as its protagonist. If there is to be another game, presumably a different hero would take over. But whatever the case, this isn't happening in the near future.

Instead, CD Projekt Red is focusing on its upcoming, dystopian RPG, Cyberpunk 2077.

"It deserves some rest," Iwinski said about The Witcher series. "The past 10 years the team has been working on swords and castles and medieval Slavic monsters. So I think it's time for some guns, androids, and some ammo. And a necropolis. So this is what we'll be working on.

Iwinski went on to say that the world of The Witcher is ripe with storytelling opportunities, but stopped short of revealing any plans for a future game.

"We definitely are not annualizing a franchise or anything--it's about the experience," he said about The Witcher. "The world of The Witcher is gigantic and it's great to tell these stories, but I don't know when this will happen."

There appears to be a clear business opportunity for another Witcher game, as The Witcher 3 racked up four million sales in just two weeks.

Where would you like to see The Witcher series go in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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"The past 10 years the team has been working on swords and castles and medieval Slavic monsters. So I think it's time for some guns, androids, and some ammo."


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Honestly I haven't had enough of Geralt, I know they said they wouldn't do any more games where he's the protagonist but I think they could create an awesome game about Geralts life becoming a witcher, so his journey before he was a legend. Or maybe even one where you visited unknown lands as Geralt. Otherwise some sort of catastrophe where the juncture of spheres re-occurs and Geralt has to stop it. Similarly maybe something like magic is disappearing and Geralt has to re-create the juncture of spheres to maintain new order and that brings about more monsters. Although Projekt Red wouldn't have a story to go off and would have to ultimately create a whole knew story I think they could pull it off in with about 6-7 years development.

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Title = um duh

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Have Ciri be the protagonist. Have 3 different pro-logs, one for each of the main endings of The Witcher 3. Set the next game 10 or so years after 3 so each ending has some sort of consequence.

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A new game staring a female protagonist or maybe your own customization character

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I'd love to see the world of witcher next adventure involve a slightly more customizable witcher protagonist maybe picking up after tw3 or a prequel to when the witcher schools where thriving.

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I thought the witcher 3 was the last of its franchise. Didn't CD Projekt say that they wont be making it anymore?

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Did anyone really expect the Witcher 4 SOON? Really? Is this industry so far gone that we have to inform people that not every IP is going to have yearly iterations? Spoiler, games tend to be far better when the developers spent time on them.

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@ruthaford_jive Witcher soon releasing means 4 years gap and don't expect soon simply means releasing after 6-7 years. So we can expect Witcher 4 after 2020

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Don't expect Witcher 4 at all. You either end the series on a high note, or milk it long enough to see it becoming Assassin's Creed.

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"We definitely are not annualizing a franchise or anything--it's about the experience,"

This! So much kudos for this statement! Best gaming company ever!

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"Don't expect Witcher 4 anytime soon"

In all honesty who the **** in their right mind would? Most people who ain't a sixteen year old with no responsebilities aren't even halfway through the third installment yet, and are aware of the time that goes into making these large games.

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I can wait 5 years

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"There appears to be a clear business opportunity for another Witcher game"

CD Project Red is passionate about games not money.

They deserve every cent earned, but up till now they didn't let the profit turn them into money-hungry devs such as EA, Ubi & others.

I honestly wish them to stay true to this principle.

If Witcher 4 is to happen, let it happen when they really get inspired for making it.

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@Peter_Eater: I think this kind of thinking lacks a little context. EA delivers games on time and on budget, and is probably one of the publishers keeping console gaming alive. Yes they care about budget and return on investment, as they should. The budget required to make a game like Witcher 3 in North America, instead of Poland is probably closer to 100 million, instead of the 15 million it cost in poland. 70 hour expériences are difficult to play through for most gamers, and numbers show that 80% of gamers never see anymore than 20% of a games content, so, why not make games people actually finish? Anyways, all this to say that EA gets a ton of crap that it doesn't deserve, except for maybe releasing way too much low value dlc, but, you don't have to buy it. Anyways. Just a little flip side of the coin thinking. :)

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That is completely true.

And that's exactly why we need developers like CDPR. We need to have someone to make games that are made by enthusiasts.

I don't mind devs making AAA blockbuster games and making money off them. I just wish that they would, from time-to-time make a game that is not made solely for profit, but for true gaming experience. Let's face it- they can afford it.

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Maybe we can get Chrome 2 finally?

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Good. Rolling a game out every year or two ruins it as UbiSoft have so kindly demonstrated. Witcher 3 has proved that waiting=better game!!!!

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Cyberpunk 2077!! A.S.A.P.!!!

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Noone noticed the downgrade applied patch after patch? this is just a sample:


1.04 and +



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@julianomg: Can't even highlight the text :( is it just my pc?

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I think the next witcher has to be a prequel of the witcher story so far!More witchers will exist and the whole witcher schools!And it will be nice to create your own witcher character or else a multiplayer game in the witcher world! I am sure is gonna be great if it ever published a game by CD projekt,each one was better than the previous one!

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I'll wait Wicher how it should be because any type of game can not replace

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Well, duh? I mean, the fact that there's been roughly a 4 year gap between each game should already make that pretty obvious.

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After three games with Geralt, it'll be tough to leave him behind. If they do decide to make another Witcher, I'd love to play as Vesemir, because that dude is the absolute coolest.

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@jamesdane: I don't see how we can continue with geralt his story is done for

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So I think it's time for some guns, androids, and some ammo. And a necropolis. So this is what we'll be working on.

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i would like to see a witcher game set before all witcher games but not a prequel and you play as a young vesemir.

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If there was a Witcher 4 I would like to see Ciri as the main character

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@98meiling: that is impossible, have you seen the endings?

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Eskel, or lambert with Keaira perhaps. Ciri as the protag wouldn't be a witcher game.

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@thevicatorian: lambert and keira sound better

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Hey how about if you let us create our own charactervthat would be great

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Cyberpunk 2077, that's all I want to hear about now!

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Hope they start a new franchise that's set in a medieval age, because they seem to have potential and witcher 3 wasn't good.

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@craiynel: you're kind of alone with this thought, though

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@MigGui: Lol, that he is. That's first time I've ever heard anyone say that Witcher 3 wasn't any good. Almost harder than finding a gym in a haystack.

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@MigGui: Well, except the beautiful world, this game doesn't really have much to offer. The combat is not good, because of bad programming. The story is weak, because nothing exciting happens. And making an rpg out of the game doesn't help. You're choices are based on what you choose and not what Geralt himself would have done. You can choose among a wide array of different weapons while I've never heard Geralt using a weapon other than a sword, this ruins the experience for me because I've read the books and was really excited about this, to learn more about Geralt. And now he has super powers, like having flames bursting from his hands and likewise.

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@craiynel: Not wanting to say I doubt you but yeah I think you are not being completely truthful. You should have already known what the Witcher game mechanics were all about. Why do I say that?Because this is Witcher 3 . And I have read so many posts like yours that I just go ahead and say you are just one of many trolls who actually are continuing to play and enjoy the game.But you wanna get noticed so here we are noticing you.Whatever I can do to help out a fellow being :). Wtith that said ,the one thing each of the trolls have in common is they talk about this game like it is the first Witcher game. It is the most main stream, advertised Witcher game and that is what has let the trolls run amuck. It proves to me that you little darling are talking out of your arse. Just my humble ,biased opinion.

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@tygerrpg: I've tried witcher 1, but I was too young when it released and now I don't play it because it doesn't fit my taste. Then I tried witcher 2 but I found it hard to be immersed since I didn't know the characters, except Geralt. And now I tried witcher 3, but I'm having a hard time enjoying it. I've tried playing it several times, but I simply can't enjoy it.

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@craiynel: Now that makes more sense. I can't fault anyone for not enjoying something. It's a shame you can't find anything to like about the game. But you made it out that Geralt was a completely different character than what he appears to be in the books and that is the reasoning behind my comments below regarding his first book. Here's to hoping you find an enjoyable experience elsewhere.

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@tygerrpg: I just felt a bit miserable when everyone says it's so great and when I tried it I couldn't find the enjoyment everyone had stated. No hard feelings, alright? I hope you enjoy the books :) They are a good read.

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@craiynel: The combat is mechanically completely sound, and I personally enjoyed it. The most you can argue for is that you don't enjoy the type of combat it has, and that's purely just your silly opinion. How does not much exciting happen? Depending on the choices you make, many people very integral and pivotal in the whole plot can die, not to mention the twists and turns loyalties of certain characters take, and the whole impending shade of the whole world being basically destroyed looming over the whole time.

Yes, your choices are based on what you choose and not what Geralt himself would have done. You say nothing exciting happens, and then you want a more restrictive story that would not leave the chance for you to do something that you yourself would want to do, but one that ends up in (shocking, and surprising) tragedy? K lol, how about being more hypocritical. It's a role-playing game, and decision-making that shapes the story is a popular thing nowadays. Also, it makes it way more exciting and a new experience every time, differing between people, so sorry for not following the perfectly "Geralt-y" Geralt that you expected, mister book elitist.

Not even gonna touch upon the gameplay restrictions you want to impose on what weapons he uses, just 'cause you think they don't fit his character. Nobody honestly cares even one iota about that complaint.

His "superpowers", same as before. People wanted a big, expansive game. Nobody wants Witcher to be a corridor RPG (and I don't think anyone, except for you, obsessing over what a perfectly in-character Geralt this game should have) where you can't change weapons, and have combat be restricted to one sword. It's a different medium, get over it. If you don't like the sacrifices games have to make when they adopt a story from a book, then maybe videogames aren't right for you. You can go back to reading books on the porch and yelling at whippersnappers who pass your house by.

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@-Beatz-: Have you played the arkham series? or the dark souls/bloodborne? Well, maybe it's a bit based on my taste, but getting hurt while only touching the hitbox and not the model, is in my opinion not legit.

Okey, I didn't know that. I tried to be excited about the story, but I just felt bored. Compared to the books I've read, they are alot more intrguing.

Maybe you play the game solely because you want to play an rpg, but I play it because I want to learn more about Geralt and by being able to have more choices it takes away the feeling of it being Geralt decision.

Maybe I was wrong about the signs he have.

I'm just stating my opinion. Instead of acting mean, why can't there be an actual discussion? I never meant to be harsh with what I said, if it sounded like that.

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@-Beatz-: I can't agree with you more. Actually our friend @craiynel is incorrect in his description of the books.Which leads me to believe he hasn't read them. Two points I will make rather quickly. In the very first chapters in the first book "Last Wish", Geralt uses the Axii and Aard signs with the author describing them how they are interpreted in the WItcher games. So there goes @craiynel nonsense about Geralt being made to have "super powers" . He does have them. The books say so and the CD Projekt Red brings them to life in the games.

His next rather ignorant statement that we the player are left to make choices that Geralt would not make becomes irrelevant also in just the first encounter in Last Wish. Geralt has two apparent choices .Kill or not. Much like the game we have been playing. It's all about choices. Incidently I began reading the books because of my love for this game in particular.

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@tygerrpg: Oh, I've must have forgotten about that. To be clear, I've read the first two books. Maybe I've imagined the signs to be actual signs, and now I'm aware of my mistake. Thanks for clearing that up.

While there are decisions to be made in the book by Geralt, it doesn't reflect him if we choose for him.

And since you've read the book/books. Doesn't he sleep with Yennifer and then leave her? Which makes her really angry at him? Because from what I've read I haven't felt that Yennifer acts how she does in the game. Maybe I'm wrong, but I would want her to have the anger within her.

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@craiynel: Are you part of the Malkavian clan?

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@craiynel: Are You High?

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@alexmachin97: I feel like the game doesn't match up to my expectations. My experience from reading the books have been more exciting than what the game has actually turned out to be.