Don't Expect Hitman: Blood Money HD Remaster Anytime Soon, If Ever

"Maybe something will happen down the line... but right now, it’s not on our radar."


Hitman developer IO Interactive has spoken up to clear up some confusion regarding the possibility of a remastered version of 2006's stealth game Hitman: Blood Money.

After the developer said to a fan on Twitter that IO has "considered" remastering the 10-year-old game, PR manager Sven Liebold said in a new interview with the Daily Star that the tweet was taken out of context. IO remains committed to supporting the new episodic Hitman, and as such, Blood Money HD is "not on our radar," he explained (via

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"Of course the old developers that worked on Blood Money, they still love the game, they’re very attached to it," he said. "But at this moment, we're really excited where we are with the new game and we're putting all our energy and creativity into creating new stuff."

He added: "As much as I would love Blood Money remastered, I gotta admit, I haven't touched it in a while. I've got these fond memories of how it looked and felt to play, but it's quite different to the direction we're taking the new Hitman game."

Liebold didn't completely rule out the possibility of Blood Money HD, however.

"We're always open and always listening to see what we can do," he said. "Maybe something will happen down the line... but right now, it’s not on our radar."

The new Hitman arrived in March. Unlike past games, the new one uses an episodic business model. Chapters 1 and 2 are out now, while the third--set in Morocco--comes out on May 31.

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