Don't Expect A Kirk Series After Picard

William Shatner doesn't sound keen on reprising his iconic Star Trek role in a Picard-like show.


As Picard nears the end of its first season--and already looks towards a second--William Shatner has shot down the idea of doing a similar revival for Captain Kirk, as picked up by the Hollywood Reporter.

When a fan on Twitter asked if Star Trek was likely to get a new series for Kirk, Shatner answered in no uncertain terms, saying that Kirk's story "is pretty well played out at this point."

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Other questions from fans were met by apathy from the Star Trek actor, implying he is well and truly done with the franchise. Even a cameo is out of the question for Shatner, with one of his tweets stating "I don’t do cameos. It’s a throwaway part to sell DVDs."

The last time Shatner played Kirk was back in 1994 for Star Trek Generations, which showed Kirk's death. He did revive the character again in 2013 for a brief appearance during the opening of the 85th Academy Awards.

Shatner still maintains his links to the character and is currently touring a show that features a screening of Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan ahead of the actor's talk and Q&A session.

While Shatner hasn't played Captain Kirk for over 25 years now, a younger version of the character has lived on more recently, as played by Chris Pine in the three Star Trek reboot films.

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