Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Nintendo Switch Reviews Roundup

Here he comes, banana slamma.


Nintendo's iconic simian Donkey Kong makes his Switch debut this week with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, which launches for the hybrid console on May 4. Originally released for Wii U in 2014, Tropical Freeze is the second DK game from Metroid Prime developer Retro Studios, following 2010's Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Like its predecessor, Tropical Freeze is a side-scrolling platformer in the vein of Rare's beloved SNES trilogy. This time around, Donkey and Diddy are joined by the returning Dixie Kong. The game also marks the first playable appearance of Cranky Kong, who can use his cane to pogo-bounce on enemies.

On top of the same content found in the original Wii U release, the Switch version of Tropical Freeze boasts a new Funky Mode, which gives players control over another playable character: Funky Kong. Funky's unique abilities help make the game's challenging levels more accessible, as he can double jump, float through the air, roll infinitely, and resist spikes thanks to his surfboard.

Ahead of its Switch release, other outlets have begun publishing their reviews of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. As always, we've rounded up a sample of them below to see how well the game holds up. For a broader look at what critics think about the Switch version of Tropical Freeze, be sure to check out GameSpot sister site Metacritic.

  • Game: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
  • Developer: Retro Studios
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Release date: May 4
  • Price: $60 / £50

GameSpot -- 9/10

"Tropical Freeze isn't a heavy-hitter from Nintendo in the same way Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey are, but it's a fantastic platformer that's bursting with creativity and expertly designed challenges. It's tuned just right--always tough but rarely frustrating--to ensure that even the most common moments feel great. If you missed out when the game first debuted back in 2014, give it a shot today. It easily stands the test of time." -- Peter Brown [Full review]

IGN -- 9/10

"Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze's addition of Funky Mode makes it more accessible without reducing the formidable platforming difficulty to a walk in the park. There's still a lot of challenge, even with the extra help Donkey's Funky uncle affords. But the Switch version manages to take just enough of an edge off a punishing game to let the fun platforming outshine its difficulty." -- Seth G. Macy [Full review]

Game Informer -- 9.25/10

"The Switch version reaffirms that Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is a fantastic platformer. Having a new character to control and a handheld version of the game is great for previous owners, but the real audience is those who missed the original release." -- Kyle Hilliard [Full review]

GamesRadar+ -- 4.5/5

"Although this is ultimately a better looking version of the Wii U classic with Funky Mode thrown in for added fun, the Switch version of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is proof that even Wii U games can age like fine wine. This is a beautiful, smooth experience when taken out and about on the Switch, and only gets better when you whack it on the big screen. You’ve got no excuse to miss out this time around on Tropical Freeze." -- Lucas Sullivan, Sam Loveridge [Full review]

EGM Now -- 9/10

"Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze makes another strong case for the argument that Nintendo needs to port every single one of its Wii U games to the Switch. DK's latest adventure is one of the most clever, joyful platforming experiences I've had in a while, and it adds just enough newness to the series to keep the formula engaging without going overboard. There might not be enough (or anything) to convince Wii U owners to play it again, but long-lost Nintendo fans who came back for the Switch have another must-play game to add to their growing libraries." -- Michael Goroff [Full review]

Eurogamer -- Recommended

"Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, with its challenge and its craft, its energy and its ingenuity, feels like nothing less than a display of pure mastery over the 2D action genre. That might not be as exciting as when Retro Studios brought Samus Aran into the third dimension with Metroid Prime, but it's an achievement that in its own way is just as remarkable. More remarkable still is how Tropical Freeze sits comfortably alongside the greats of Nintendo, that venerable master of the 2D action genre." -- Martin Robinson [Full review]

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