Donkey Kong Country E3 2003 Preshow Report

Rare's famous SNES platformer hits the GBA.


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Longtime platformer fans will probably remember the original Donkey Kong Country. The game made quite a splash on the Super NES when it was released, as its 2D graphics were derived from 3D-rendered images. Of course, real-time 3D graphics are commonplace today, but at the time of its release, DKC looked very impressive. Fortunately, it's also a great platformer, and that's why Nintendo is bringing it to the small screen on the Game Boy Advance.

Donkey Kong Country sees the classic ape Donkey Kong and his nimble sidekick Diddy questing after their stolen banana hoard. You can switch between the two characters during gameplay, and each has his own advantages: Donkey Kong is stronger, while Diddy Kong is quicker. The GBA version will contain a number of new features, including a score attack mode, several multiplayer minigames, a save-anywhere ability, and unlockable character art.

Donkey Kong Country should be a nice addition to the GBA's platformer stable when it's released in June. We'll bring you more as it happens.

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