Donald Glover To Star In Spider-Man Universe Movie Based On Hypno-Hustler - Report

According to The Hollywood Reporter, writer Myles Murphy had an angle on the character that excited Glover.


Donald Glover (Atlanta, Community) will star and produce in an upcoming Spider-Man movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Citing unnamed sources, the writer-actor will be joining forces with screenwriter Myles Murphy.

The movie has no title but is said to center on the Hypno-Hustler, a relatively obscure and minor villain in the Spider-Man universe. The character--whose secret identity is Antoine Delsoin--is an evil singer with hypnotic technology who is aided by his band the Mercy Killers to rob crowds, generally cause mayhem, and eventually face down against Spider-Man. After making his debut in 1978, the character has largely been relegated to minor cameos or references in comics and video games.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Glover appreciated "the musical aspect" of the character and "the fact that he has less Marvel canon baggage, freeing him to greater interpretations." However, there is no solid information yet on what shape or tone the project might have--sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the movie could be "anything from a disco period piece to a re-imagined modern hip-hop version or even a cyberpunk future play." Murphy reportedly had an angle on the character that excited Glover to get onboard.

Glover has had a long relationship with the Spider-Man universe, ranging from voicing Miles Morales in the Ultimate Spider-Man television series to a famously outspoken fan campaign to have him play Peter Parker when the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man films were still in development. Glover did appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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