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Donald Glover Gives An Update On His Star Wars Movie About Lando

Glover says he's been given a level of control that will make the film feel like his own "singular" vision.


Donald Glover is working on a Star Wars movie focused on Lando Calrissian. He said in a recent interview that he agreed to the project in part because of the level of control he has been given. He said this level of control allows him to have a "singular" vision for the project.

"I feel like I have enough control. And maybe you get painted as a control freak, but it's like, yeah, control allows for the vision to be singular," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "And if the vision is singular, people want it more. The less it's singular, the less people want it because they feel like they could've made it. Look, we live in a time where anybody can f**king make anything. You go on TikTok, there's literally every type of thing. There's documentaries, there's puppetry, there's yarn stop-motion. So why would you want to see something you feel like you could have made?"

Another reason Glover signed on for the Lando project is because his children love Star Wars and he himself enjoys the characters in Star Wars, he said.

The Lando movie began as a TV series and has now morphed into a movie. Glover is writing the movie with his brother, Stephen Glover. Donald Glover first played Lando in the 2018 movie Solo, and now he's coming back to play the smuggler once again in the upcoming film.

The last we heard, the project was on hold due to the Hollywood strikes, but now that the writer and actor strikes are over, the film may be able to move ahead. No one should expect it to be released anytime soon, however. The next Star Wars movie release is The Mandalorian and Grogu, which hits theaters in 2026.

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