Don't Expect a Traditional Microsoft E3 Showing This Year

"I like it when we test ourselves to do better each year."


Microsoft is breaking from the mold of past E3 showings and will try something different this year at the marquee industry event to be held this June in Los Angeles. We already knew that Microsoft was planning to focus more on first-party games this year, but now Xbox boss Phil Spencer has teased even more ways in which the company plans to shake things up when all eyes on on the Xbox company.

Spencer speaking at E3 2015
Spencer speaking at E3 2015

Responding to a fan's question on Twitter about Microsoft's plans for E3 this year, Spencer said Microsoft will have "some interesting changes this year for briefing and the week."

"I like it when we test ourselves to do better each year."

Spencer went on to say that Microsoft will talk about not only Xbox One games, but also titles for PC. "We'll have some of both," he explained.

This is hardly surprising, as Microsoft's new Windows 10 operating system is due to launch this summer with a renewed focus on gaming. Windows 10 will feature a new and improved built-in Xbox app, cross-platform play support for games like Fable Legends, and even a game-streaming application. And if AMD is right, the new OS will launch at the end of July, not long after E3.

Microsoft has not yet announced when it will hold its E3 press conference. But the likely bet would the Monday morning of E3 week. That would mean sometime on June 15, after Bethesda's the night earlier, and before Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, and Sony later in the day.

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