Don't expect a Smash Bros.-style fighting game from Microsoft for Xbox One

Microsoft Studios executive Phil Spencer says he loves the franchise, but believes it only works because Nintendo's character lineup is so strong.

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If you're holding out for a Super Smash Bros.-style fighting game for the Xbox One featuring mascots like Master Chief or Marcus Phoenix, here's some bad news. It sounds like that's not going to happen, at least not anytime soon, according to Microsoft Studios executive Phil Spencer.

"I love [Super Smash Bros.] but for me it works cause it's Nintendo and their incredible IP lineup," Spencer told a fan on Twitter. "I find others less interesting; just me." Nintendo's fighting game series pulls characters from its long list of industry-topping games, including Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Pokemon, among others.

Microsoft has a large library of wholly owned IP to draw characters from for such a game, but it doesn't sound like Spencer--who is part of the team at Xbox responsible for greenlighting games--is interested in the idea. Spencer also said recently that Microsoft doesn't plan to launch a Mario Kart-style game anytime soon for Xbox One because Nintendo already owns that market.

Sony, on the other hand, released the Super Smash Bros.-style fighting game PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale in 2012 featuring first-party characters like Kratos (God of War), Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal), and Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet), among others.

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