Don Mattrick tried to get Microsoft to buy Zynga - Report

Former Xbox boss wanted to buy the social gaming giant back in 2010, reports Bloomberg.


Former Xbox boss Don Mattrick tried to convince Microsoft to purchase Zynga three years before taking the job of CEO at the social gaming giant, a new report says.

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Mattrick had his eyes on Zynga back in 2010, reports Bloomberg, and initiated conversations at the peak of the social gaming boom with the intention of using Zynga to boost the Xbox's social gaming lineup.

While the talks reportedly collapsed, Mattrick and Zynga founder Marc Pincus stayed in touch. The two reportedly began talking about Mattrick moving the Zynga as its CEO back in March, when the two road-bike enthusiasts started riding together.

Mattrick's departure from Microsoft, formally announced last week, came after the company's unveiling of the Xbox One and the following controversy surrounding its online-focused policies. Microsoft has subsequently announced a heavily publicised u-turn on many of its former Xbox One features, though Mattrick's negotiations with Zynga began long before the Xbox One was even announced.

Zynga's new CEO arrives as the company is closing offices and shedding staff after announcing that the company's revenue had fallen 18 percent in the last year.

Mattrick, meanwhile, is set to earn $40m over the next three years at Zynga, including $19m in his first year.

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