Domination Impressions

We get the details on this new chapter in the Massive Assault turn-based strategy series.


Domination is a 3D turn-based strategy game that may remind you a lot of 2003's Massive Assault. That's because it is an updated version of's Massive Assault, but with a new name as well as a few new features. Publisher Dreamcatcher Interactive recently announced that it will deliver this new chapter in the Massive Assault universe later this year, and we got the details.

The original Massive Assault is a fairly deceptive game. On the surface, it's simple to pick up and play. You start with a handful of military units and take turns moving them around the essentially hex-based map. After you're done moving, you can instruct them to fire on any enemies in range. Once the firing is complete, the enemy takes its turn and the process is repeated until one side is left standing. However, the game's simplicity masks a considerable amount of strategic depth. For example, a lot depends on where you place your units and which unit fires on which target. Meanwhile, the artificial intelligence can be particularly cunning, and Domination will keep the multilevel AI that made the original a challenge.

Domination will also feature a single-player game featuring two campaigns. The campaigns pit the two main factions, the Free Nations Union and the Phantom League, against each other. There are 36 different military units between the two adversaries to play with. In addition to the campaigns, expect 20 nonlinear scenarios, as well as 10 different planets. The game will also keep the "secret allies" concept from the original game. Basically, you can start a game with neutral countries on the map. However, each side may have a secret ally that the other side doesn't know about. Then a player can reveal their ally at an opportune moment and open up a new front against his or her enemy.

Massive Assault also found a strong following for its multiplayer game, and Domination will probably keep the multiplayer crowd happy. Like the original game, it features hot seat multiplayer, as well as traditional LAN and Internet support. Domination is fairly well along, and Dreamcatcher plans to publish in the game in February for North America and April for Europe.

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