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Dolphin Quest From Original Ecco The Dolphin Team Revealed During Intellivision E3 2021 Presentation

A reimagining of a classic Sega franchise is coming exclusively to the Intellivision Amico.


A tenured development team has found a new porpoise as Intellivision has announced Amico-exclusive Dolphin Quest, a brand-new game from the developers of Sega Genesis classic Ecco the Dolphin.

The announcement was part of the Intellivision E3 2021 presentation, a ten-minute showcase of the Intellivision Amico console coming later this year and a slew of games coming to it. Dolphin Quest is being developed by "the original Ecco the Dolphin team," according to the game's brief debut.

Other games announced for Intellivision Amico during the presentation were remakes of classic Intellivision games--including Night Stalker and Cloudy Mountain--as well as original IP like platformer Finnegan Fox and a brand-new entry in the Earthworm Jim franchise. The Sesame Street and Care Bears franchises appeared with new edutainment titles for kids, while partnerships with Major League Baseball and Data East were also announced.

Ecco the Dolphin first debuted on the Sega Genesis in December 1992, spawning a franchise that included five games between 1992 and 2000. The most recent game, Defender of the Future, was released for Sega Dreamcast and ported to the PlayStation 2.

Intellivision Amico is a brand-new family-friendly console due for release later this year. The project is headed by Tommy Tallarico, a veteran game developer and composer who worked on Earthworm Jim and the Video Games Live orchestra tour series.

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