Dogtag ID'd for PCs, next-gen consoles

Digital Jesters will deploy a tactical Special Ops game for the second quarter of 2006.


Digital Jesters entered the next-gen fray with its newly announced game Dogtag. The action strategy game is scheduled for release in the first half of 2006 on PCs and "next gen" consoles. Dogtag is currently in development by Diezel Power.

In a story reminiscent of Heart of Darkness, gamers will be called on to investigate the mysterious rebellion of a battalion led by a persuasive colonel. The higher-ups' orders are simple: Either arrest and retrieve those in charge of the mutinous squad, or "neutralize" them. As the game's tagline says, "Can you still pull the trigger when the enemy is your friend?"

Dogtag is set among urban environments in the near future and features high-tech weaponry and military vehicles. The squad-based shooter will require tactical strategy, calling for intelligent use of the environment and coordinated movement of each unit.

GameSpot will have more on Dogtag soon.

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