Dogs Love Stray, Too

Cats and dogs are known for their generations-old rivalry, but plenty of dog-owning gamers say their canine friends are big fans of the virtual kitty cat.


Stray has become a big hit on the internet, because apparently the internet likes cats? We're as surprised as anyone. This has resulted in tons of fans capturing their own feline roommates taking notice of the virtual kitty, but cats aren't the only pets reacting. Lots of dogs are getting in on the act too.

Social media is buzzing with dog reaction videos, as canine companions look ready to jump right into the screen to frolic with and/or murder the Stray cat. Most of the dogs appear playful rather than aggressive, but it's a testament to the realistic cat action (and dedicated meow button) that animals who are genetically hard-wired to spot real cats are being fooled.

Check out a collection of very good boys and girls below. While dogs watching Stray hasn't yet inspired a whole Twitter account following the trend, the Cats Watching Stray account did take note of at least one example. At this rate it's only a matter of time before we're awash in goldfish and hamster reaction videos, cowering in terror of the giant cat on the TV screen.

Of course, not every dog is quite as excited. Some look downright resentful.

He must be more of an Xbox fan.

For more of that sweet sweet cat content, check out our list of the best video game cats, which is a very good list on the whole despite the lack of Alfador from Chrono Trigger. And be sure to read our 9/10 Stray review, which called the game "a consistently satisfying adventure with a charming story about companionship that rarely misses a beat across its well-paced runtime." Remember that PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscribers get Stray included with their subscription.

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