Does The Mortal Kombat Movie Have A Post-Credits Scene? We Explain The Ending And Sequel Tease

We speak to Mortal Kombat director Simon McQuoid about the end of the film and what it means for the future.


It's finally time to test your might. The new Mortal Kombat movie is in theaters and on HBO Max now, begging you to watch a bunch of superpowered martial artists deliver brutality to each other. If you have yet to sit down and enjoy the mayhem, check GameSpot's review of the new movie. All of your favorite fighters are there, except for Johnny Cage, in this vicious fight to the death. How does it end, though? Is there a post-credits scene?

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the Mortal Kombat movie. If you haven't seen it yet, you should turn away now because we're going to dive into what happens in the ending and how it influences the future of the film franchise.

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First of all, no. There is, sadly, no post-credits scene in the movie. However, there is plenty to talk about. In the climax of the film, Scorpion is resurrected to help his descendent Cole Young defeat Sub-Zero. It's the moment you've been waiting for in the film as the two ninjas finally reunite in battle, after their bloody fight that kicked the movie off. In the end, Scorpion and Cole are victorious and the former uses his fire breath fatality to finish off Sub-Zero once and for all--or at least until a sequel, probably.

At that point, Shang Tsung arrives, defeated, to declare he will seek revenge. He's then banished to the Outworld realm by Raiden, who lets Earth's champions know he is preparing a new list of warriors for the next tournament (even though there was no actual tournament in this movie). Our heroes are tasked with finding them and preparing them for what's to come.

That's where we get to the most important part of the ending: Cole packs his bags and heads for California--specifically Hollywood--to find one of those fighters. The camera then pans to a poster for a movie called Citizen Cage, starring none other than Johnny Cage. While Johnny sat out this first movie, Mortal Kombat is clearly planning to feature him heavily in the sequel. Hopefully, the sequel won't be called Mortal Kombat: Citizen Cage, because that's a terrible title.

What we don't see, however, is the actor playing Johnny. The reason behind that is simply because the movie's creative team has no idea who it'll be. "I haven't actually done enough of a character exploration," director Simon McQuoid told GameSpot. "I know who Johnny Cage [the character] is, I understand. But I haven't really put a lot of thought to that, because it's not something at the time [that] we needed to... [I] had enough characters to think about."

So, for now, whoever ends up playing Johnny Cage remains a mystery. Of course, that's if a sequel actually happens. As far as we know, a follow-up hasn't been ordered at this point. Should this film perform well at the box office and on HBO Max, though, a sequel should be attainable. After all, the original Mortal Kombat got one and there's no way a sequel to this movie would be as bad as Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.

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