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Does Squirrel With A Gun, A Real Video Game, Have The Best Cover Art Ever?

Grand Theft Acorn.


Some games have vague and poetic titles, but not Squirrel with a Gun. It's exactly what the title suggests, a game wherein you take control of a fluffy rodent and unleash havoc around town with some serious heat. Originally announced for PC, console versions of the game were confirmed recently and preorders are now available. Look at this glorious cover art! If Squirrel with a Gun was a movie, Martin Scorsese would surely refer to it as, ahem, Cinema.

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This is a real video game.
This is a real video game.

Described as an open-world shooter in which you take control of the obnoxious park menace, Squirrel with a Gun isn't just focused on crime, chaos, and scoring a haul of nuts. The game also features puzzle-platformer levels where you can collect golden acorns. How do you get across a river of molten magma? By using the recoil of your weapons to propel yourself across the chasm in these delightfully weird sequences.

When it is time to throw down against secret agents sent to deprive you of your weapons, this squirrel packs a punch. Not content with just a regular handgun, our brave hero can add other weapons like Uzis and grenade launchers to their arsenal, upgrade them, and use the increased firepower to take on dangerous bosses. You can even fight a tank, if you're up to the challenge.

For a change of pace, you can cruise around the neighborhood in a toy car and help people in need. Or you can go nuts and annoy them, the choice is yours. Yes, it's Grand Theft Acorn. Squirrel With A Gun doesn't have a confirmed release date yet, but it is expected to launch for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S in Q3.

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