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Does Lando Have A Thing For Droids In Solo?

Solo spoilers below!

Solo: A Star Wars Story star Donald Glover hasn't been shy about his character Lando Calrissian's "fluid" sexuality. After Solo co-writer Jonathan Kasdan told Huffington Post that Lando is "pansexual," Glover himself elaborated to Entertainment Weekly: "How can you not be pansexual in space?" That's great, but after watching Solo, you might have an even more specific question: Does Lando f*** droids?

When you Google "pansexual," you get this definition: "not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity." That may cover humans, but what about alien and artificial life forms? In the context of a galaxy far, far away, where non-human sentient life is common, it's probably safe to assume that pansexuality expands even beyond one's biological species. And given the way certain scenes between Glover's Lando and his droid companion L3 play out, that seems even more certain.

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Just to be absolutely sure, GameSpot asked Solo's father and son co-writers directly: Does Lando have a thing for droids?

First, though, we had to get one practical question out of the way. L3, played by actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge, assures Emilia Clarke's character in the movie that human-droid sex is definitely a thing. Is L3 for real? Having been alluded to in a live action Star Wars movie in the Disney era, is human-droid sex now canon?

"It's canon now," Jonathan Kasdan said. "Because we said it, now I think droids and humans can interface."

"But, you know, Qi'ra didn't know about it yet," his father, Lawrence Kasdan, chimed in.

"But there's ways to interface, I think, would be my answer to the question," Jonathan continued.

His father agreed: "Yes, absolutely."

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So we returned to the original burning question. In Solo, L3 is convinced that Lando is in love with her. At first, it seems like a delusion on the droid's part. It's played as a joke, and Qi'ra doesn't seem to take the notion seriously. But later, when L3 falls in battle, Lando not only rushes back into the fray in rescue attempt--Glover even plays the droid's "death" scene like it's the most tragic event imaginable. It's almost like he really was in love with her.

"I think he has a thing for L3," Lawrence Kasdan confirmed. "She's absolutely correct when she says to Qi'ra, 'Obviously, he has feelings for me.'...They've been melded by their experiences. They've been through a whole lot of s***, and L3 is the best there is at what she does."

"And she's attractive, in her way!" Jonathan said.

"And smart, and funny," his father added.

So how did this new dimension to sexuality in Star Wars come about? Naturally, according to the writers.

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"That scene sort of grew organically out of the process, and the character of L3 grew organically out of the process too," Jonathan said. "But once Phoebe came in, she was so attractive, and so funny, and so charismatic, that it sort of lent itself to this runner that we thought felt organic to the movie."

"The other thing that I love about it, which it speaks to a little bit, is that one of the things in Star Wars you never see, is everywhere seems to be about 30 minutes from everywhere else," he continued. "Like, when Luke goes to Dagobah, it's like, what, he never stops to go to the bathroom? But I like the idea that L3 and Lando have spent a lot of time alone on this ship in the deep reaches of space, and, you know--you get lonely, and two people find each other."

Well, that's just beautiful. Solo: A Star Wars Story is in theaters now. Also check out our history of the Millennium Falcon, where Solo takes place in the Star Wars timeline, whether C-3PO gets his usual cameo, and everything you need to know about the Star Wars card game sabacc. And if you're not worried about spoilers, we even have a rundown of Solo's most shocking cameo.

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