Documentary on industry sexism fully funded

"GTFO: A Film About Women In Gaming" reaches $20,000 funding target on Kickstarter; four days remain for extra funds.


The documentary about sexism in games--GTFO: A Film About Women In Gaming--has reached its $20,000 funding target through Kickstarter. At press time, funding stands at $23,381 from 853 backers. Funding closes May 10.

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"Thanks to all the generous backers out there, we were fully funded as of last night! Thank you to everyone who pledged and spread the word! From $1 to $500, all of you made a difference," New York City-based filmmaker Shannon Sun-Higginson said in a statement. "I'm excited to get this project really going."

The purpose of the film, Sun-Higginson explained last month, is to bring to light the "harassment of women in video games." It will reveal the experiences of women in the gaming industry "both good and bad," and also to lay out steps that can be taken to "change the environment for the better."

GTFO: A Film About Women In Gaming will feature interviews with gamers, bloggers, scholars, developers, and "experts." The movie is expected to launch by March 2014.

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