Doc Clock serves The Toasted Sandwich of Time onto WiiWare

Nintendo Store Update: Stickmen Studios' imaginative comic mischief title lands next to Urbanix and Bit.Trip Beat demo; DSiWare welcomes Glory Days, Animal Boxing, The Seller, Alien Puzzle Adventure.

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Tomorrow, Nintendo is holding a press event in New York City where it will discuss its latest portable, the 3DS, and will possibly announce a release date for the piece of tech. But now the House of Mario has its eyes fixed on its download spaces.

Leading the charge this week is Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time (1,000 Wii points, or $10) on WiiWare. From Stickmen Studios, the imaginative title casts players as Doc Clock, an inventor whose creations players must use to traverse the game's environments. Ultimately, players are tasked with battling robots, saving a kitten, and inventing the "perfect toasted sandwich machine."

It's a fact that sandwiches taste better when they've traveled through time.
It's a fact that sandwiches taste better when they've traveled through time.

Also out now on WiiWare is Urbanix (500 Wii points, or $5). From Nordcurrent, the game puts players in the figurative shoes of a diminutive tractor who must build an entire town on an empty field. Players must avoid enemies as they create their landscapes and can play through 150 levels on three unique environments: Earth, the North Pole, and the Moon.

Gamers looking to try before they buy can download a free demo for the WiiWare title Bit.Trip Beat. The sampler lets players try out Akysys Games' unique rhythm title before deciding if they wish to purchase the full experience for 600 Wii points, or $6.

Switching to DSiWare, Nintendo added four new titles to the download space this week, the first of which is Glory Days: Tactical Defense (200 DSi points, or $2). A tower defense-style game, Tactical Defense has players fending off waves of assaulting enemies by hurling ranged weaponry like missile launchers, guns, and the "Big One," a weapon that will "terrify and cause devastation."

Also out now on DSiWare is Animal Boxing (800 DSi points, or $8). From Gammick Entertainment, the game thrusts players into a zoological boxing ring, where players can use the system's stylus to perform a range of attacks like uppercuts, jabs, and hooks. The game sports 50 characters to play and fight as, including Lee the cat, Sauda the rhino, and Fore the bull. Players can build a male or female character and customize the fighter's hairstyle, gloves, and clothing.

Those not looking to trade punches with nature's creatures can download Circle Entertainment's The Seller (500 DSi points, or $5) today from DSiWare. The game casts players as a "down and out" once-big-time boss who plays a card game to regain his popularity and wealth. The game is billed as "witty" and one that sports just a few simple rules. The ultimate goal is to seek revenge and drive the competitors to bankruptcy.

The last title out this week for DSiWare is Alien Puzzle Adventure (500 DSi points, or $5). A fast-paced match-three-style puzzle game, the title has players shooting different colored pieces using the Pseudo-quark Generator Gun, across the title's 35 stages.

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