DOA4's Halo content detailed

Collaboration between Tecmo and Bungie yields an unlockable Mistress Chief; Halo-themed battleground also included.


Halo 2
Dead or Alive 4

You wouldn't know it, but Spartan warriors from the Halo universe are also mighty adept with their fists. Tecmo and Bungie today made a formal announcement about the unlockable bonus character in the former's upcoming Dead or Alive 4 for the Xbox 360.

When word of a Halo character making an appearance in the brawler leaked to snoops, everyone was absolutely positive it was going to be holo-babe Cortana. Wrong! On the company's Weekly Update last week, Bungie confirmed rumors about a playable female Spartan being the mystery mauler.

The warrior is named Spartan-458 and indeed looks much like Halo's universe-saving protagonist, Master Chief, albeit more female. A female Spartan warrior? Yep, it's true. While those whose Halo experience is limited to holding a controller know little more than the ubermanly Master Chief, fans who read the Halo books know that the futuristic military program featured both men and women. So how does a bioenhanced supersoldier get mixed up with one-on-one fighting in the DOA universe?

Bungie knows, but isn't budging. "Yes, we know what her backstory is, because we created it. We'll tell you about it soon," a Bungie rep says on the company's Web site.

The "how" doesn't appear to be as important as the "what." The idea for the collaboration simply sprung from a meeting between Bungie chief Pete Parsons and Team Ninja's Tomonobu Itagaki.

"The opportunity to work with Team Ninja and combine our powers to strike yet another blow in our quest for world domination, was too alluring to pass up," said Parsons cheekily. "Plus, we just think the idea of putting a Spartan into a DOA game totally kicks ass."

Spartan-458 won't be completely on foreign soil. In addition to including a Halo character in DOA4, Team Ninja will also be including an unlockable fighting arena based on Bungie's game.

Both sides appear very content with the work. "Team Ninja has already done her justice. No, she doesn't jiggle. But she does, as I've already mentioned, rock," said Bungie's Frank O'Connor.

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