DOA 2: Hardcore for US PS2

According to Tecmo a new and significantly improved version of Dead or Alive 2 will be released for the PlayStation 2 in North America.


Tecmo has announced that it is developing Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore for the North American PlayStation 2. Additionally, the company has claimed that DOA 2: Hardcore will be the most powerful and exciting entry in the Dead or Alive series. In fact, the game is being designed literally from the ground up. The company is incorporating a new graphics engine, new play mode, new fighting stages and costumes, and several new secret items. Along with these gameplay and visual upgrades, new movies for each character have been added to the cinema mode.

According to John Inada, marketing manager for Tecmo, "This is not a port version of the Japanese PlayStation 2 title or a reproduction of the Dreamcast version. DOA2: Hardcore sets newer and higher standards for the platform, and as the release date draws nearer, we'll be letting gamers know more about this ultimate fighting game."

GameSpot will have further details on Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore soon.

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